Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

You have requested that Creative Refinishing Unlimited clean, repair, restore, or refinish your property. You understand that this process involves some risks including the following:

Plumbing Disclaimer & Waiver

Our technicians are not certified or licensed plumbers. Therefore, they are not trained, equipped or authorized to do any plumbing services. If any drains, pipes or plumbing hardware are removed or adjusted at your request, it is done only as a courtesy and Creative Refinishing Unlimited will be held harmless from any resulting damage or subsequent costs of any kind related to your plumbing.

Creative Refinishing Unlimited routinely masks off drains instead of removing them. We will remove overflow plates if there is no resistance on the screws or bolts. It is not normal to have caulking around your faucet, handles, overflow or other hardware, so it is not our standard procedure to re-caulk around plumbing hardware. We also do not normally glue escutcheon plates back in place for shower heads. Any non-typical work is your responsibility.

Any concerns or know deficiencies with leaks, drips, or conditions of plumbing must be brought to the technician’s attention before any work begins.

Paint, Floor, and Wall Covering Disclaimer & Waiver

Creative Refinishing Unlimited recommends that if you are going to repair, install wallpaper, or paint the walls of your bathroom or kitchen, then do so after we have completed the refinishing. To protect walls and floors near the surface to be refinished, we must mask off those areas. Paint, floors, or wallpaper can be damaged when we remove the masking tape.

Creative Refinishing Unlimited will take precautions to avoid any damage to your walls or floors. However, we are not responsible for any damage to any paint, wall coverings, or floors and you agree to hold us harmless from any resulting damage or subsequent costs of any kind related to removing masking tape.

Color and Texture Disclaimer & Waiver

You approve ___________________ as the color chosen for your surface refinishing. Please be sure of your color choice as for when the color is applied it cannot be changed except by reapplying new materials at the customer’s expense. Creative Refinishing Unlimited offers standard and custom colors. Custom colors require extra time and additional fees will be added. The final color may vary from any samples. Applying a different color will require an additional charge.

You understand that the Natural Accent stone-like finish has a natural texture and will not be perfectly smooth. Changing the texture will require an additional application and will require an additional change.

Odor Disclaimer & Waiver

If you are sensitive to solvents or paint-type smells, then you should remain out of the immediate area during the spraying due to the odor that accompanies the refinishing process. We exhaust the work area during the spray process, but the odor may linger for several days. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be provided upon your request.

You agree to hold Creative Refinishing Unlimited harmless for any damages or costs related to the odors generated by our refinishing process.

Countertop Cracks Disclaimer & Waiver

Creative Refinishing Unlimited can fill the seams in laminate countertops before refinishing to create a solid surface look. You have been made aware that movement in the countertop substructure may cause these seams to crack. In the event the seams crack, an additional application will need to be applied and will require an additional charge. If you do not want the seams filled, let your technician know before he begins the refinishing process.

Caulking Disclaimer & Waiver

Caulking is a maintenance item and is not covered by any warranty. Should you need to remove and replace the caulking, please use care not to cut or scratch the refinished surface. A caulk removal tool is recommended. Repairing a damaged finish will require an additional charge. Creative Refinishing Unlimited offers to re-caulk for an additional fee.

Moving Appliance Disclaimer & Waiver

Moving kitchen appliance can possibly damage flooring. You are responsible for moving any appliances that are in the work area. If any appliances are moved by us at your specific request, then you agree to hold us harmless from any damage or subsequent costs of any kind related to moving the appliances.

Slip and Fall Disclaimer & Waiver

Creative Refinishing Unlimited offers the application of a slip resistant texture to reduce the possibility of injury, which may occur from slipping or falling. Creative Refinishing Unlimited makes no representation or warranty that its slip resistant texture will prevent slipping or falling or damage incurred there from. Customer agrees to hold Creative Refinishing Unlimited harmless from any claim, liability, and/or damage resulting from any slip or fall which may occur on or near a refinished surface, including any surface treated with a slip resistant texture.

Payment Is Due Upon Completion

We accept CASH, CHECK OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. You must either be present to inspect the work and make payment when the job is complete or make payment in advance. Interest, late fees, processing fees, collections fees, and legal fees will be added to any past due balances. A Mechanic’s Lien will be filled for any amounts owed including interest, processing fees, collection fees, and legal fees.

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