Bathtub refinishing

A bathtub is often the focal point of your bathroom, and if it looks grungy, or run-down, the rest of your bathroom will also. Creative Refinishing Unlimited specializes in bathtub refinishing, a process that repairs the surface of your bathtub so that it looks shiny, clean, and brand-new again. Contact us 470.334.5849 to schedule tub refinishing services.

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Our Process

Our refinishing services start with the removal of your drain cover and overflow plate. During these initial steps, we also remove any caulking that exists around the edges of the tub. If you’ve had tub reglazing done in the past, we strip the old glaze from the tub. After your tub is stripped down to its most basic form, we complete any needed repairs. Often times, the bathtub surface will have chips, holes, or cracks in it. We repair these areas with body filler and then sand the surface to a smooth finish.
Before we begin refinishing the bathtub, we mask off the entire tub to protect your bathroom. Using a tack cloth, we clean the dirt and dust out of the bathtub and sterilize it. Next we prime the bathtub, apply three coats of finish, and caulk the edges. In just 12 hours, your bathtub will have a beautiful, glossy finish that you can use and enjoy for years to come.

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If your bathroom is in need of a makeover, refinishing your tub is a fast and practical alternative to a complete remodel or bathtub replacement. Redesign your bathroom with our bathtub refinishing service. For more information or an estimate, contact us today.

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